Milan M'Bese Rhola


Human Duelist
Age: 20 Height 5’10’ Weight 168 lbs.
Alignment: TN XP: 0

STR 17
INT 12
WIS 18
DEX 18
CON 13
CHA/COM 16/13

AC: 3/2 [leather armor 7, Defense -4, -1 vs. melee]
HP: 12
Longsword THAC0 18/17/16 (normal/melee/longsword) 3/2 Attack/round
Dagger (4) THAC0 18

Weapon Proficiencies: Longsword (Specialization), Dagger
Special Abilities: Parry deathblow, two-weapon combat, resist fear, and identify magical properties (Longsword)
Secondary Skill:


There are three types of stories in this world, comedy, tragedy, and satire; only the bastard has lived all three.
Ancient Sulm Proverb

Milan M’bese Rhola is a bastard, but he is not just any bastard. Ask anyone in Keoland and they can spin you a tale of young Luschan Sellark’s adventures in Hepmonland and the Amedio Jungle. Purchasing lizard hides from the Yuan-ti, dinner with the Vegepymies, and the Battle of Densac Gulf are all known tales, however, few outside House Rhola know the story of the Concubine of Anatal.

The Concubine of Anatal
Ugot; the Reaper Prince of Anatal, was a Touv man who was as ugly as his name. To hide his ugliness he surrounded himself with beautiful people. Amal was the most beautiful woman in the kingdom and Ugot murdered her family to possess her. Adoration of the beautiful soon became loathing as beauty only emphasized Ugot’s ugliness. Amal the most beautiful was also the most loathed by Ugo. So when Luschan appeared in Anatal his attention was appreciated, his advances reciprocated, and the offer of escape accepted. A year later Micah M’bese Rhola was born. A day later Amal was forced from the Sellark household. A month later she left Micah at the Sellark doorstep before taking her own life.

The life of a noble bastard child can be a pleasant as long as nobody knows your lineage, the day that they do everything changes. Milan’s early childhood was pleasant; except for a few elders, most of House Rhola believed that he was an orphaned child of the family from Salinmoor. Once it was discovered that he was the illegitimate son of Duke Luschan and a Touv woman everything changed. The Duke’s legitimate children saw Milan as a potential rival. House Rhola viewed Milan as a source of family shame or a means to undermining the Duke’s authority. Even the servants respectfully denigrated the young Milan. Milan’s response was to fight. He fought his brothers and sister, he cursed members of House Rhola, and put any servant who disrespected in their place…usually in the dirt. The only person that he couldn’t fight was the person who despised him the most…Lady Sellark who eventually arranged for Milan to be sent away.

Welcome to Ulmstard Academy of Fencing the most prominent martial school in the Flanaess. You are here for a variety of reasons for which I do not care. Your origin as a noble, peasant, soldier or scoundrel matters not here. Today you are nothing; tomorrow you will be little more than nothing; not until the day that you graduate will you be something of respect. As to your future, my long experience has divined three possibilities. Some of you, namely those of noble birth will fulfill your martial obligations to your family and never again pick up a weapon. Some of you, those who have scraped together every coin they could to attend this academy will be elevated above their current station, but listen well, most of you will perish on a field, in an alley, or tavern floor soaked in ale and urine. Finally, there are a few of you who will be true masters of the sword. You will have many names; protector, duelist, and assassin are just a few. Your future is a matter of choice and skill, until that day comes everything that you are belongs to me. Solon, Fencing Master of Ulmstard

Six years! I have been in Ulmstard for six years. For the last six years I have spent every day of my life at this academy. When the other pupils return to their family and loved ones, I sit in my room alone. I no longer visit the postal office for I know that there is no mail for me. I have a father who knows me not, but soon he will. I have graduated from the academy and I leave my adopted family to wreak havoc on my family of birth. I was sent away so that they would no longer hear my name, see their shame, or feel my dark touch. I return to Gradsul to be seen, heard, and felt.

Apparently, Tavish and some his allies went to the Broken Vine tavern with the intention of confronting Milan. Milan ignored their attempts to goad him into an altercation. Frustrated, Tavish began to harass Magda who also ignored his attempts until they became physical. At this point, Milan intervened and what occurs next is unclear. Apparently, despite warnings, Tavish drew his blade and attempted to strike Milan. A fight ensued in which Tavish and two of his allies were killed. Milan was arrested, but was released after witnesses confirmed that it was self-defense. The Duke is distraught over his son’s death and the release of Milan. Curiously, some among the Rhola want to permanently remove the “Milan” problem, but the Duke has forbidden any actions against his prodigal son. As a precaution I have suggested to Milan that he leave the city and possibly the country.
Cedric, Master-of-Arms Gradsul Watch

I am not sure what bothers me the most, killing Tavish or the reason why I killed him. It was not my intention to kill Tavish or his cronies, but he left me no choice. He was beaten; his cronies were on the ground bleeding out, yet he pressed the attack. If he had went for me, I would have deflected the blow and crowned him with the pummel of my sword, but he went for Magda. My only option was to strike a fatal blow, which I did. No…killing Tavish, a fool, does not bother me so that means why I killed him does.

637907__fantasy-female_t.jpgI killed him for her. I killed him for attacking Magda. By the Laughing Rogue I killed him to protect her. Why her? I know where she comes from, what she is and what she does. I know that she is a foul and disgusting child of the Pomarg and that tained blood runs through her veins, but she is beautiful. I know that she has given her body to countless men, darker forces of the Abyss, and the addiction of the Goni fruit, but I find her intoxicating. I know that she is a practitioner of witchcraft, its power running through her body and corrupting it from within, but if given the chance I would possess her. She knows this, she knows that without charm or spell she could make me hers, but she doesn’t.

I killed Tavish for her and now I must leave. I understand that there are opportunities for someone with my skills in Verbobonc, so I will go there.

Lord Mayor Solomon Rhola
Gentlemen, we may have a problem. As many of us predicted Tavish would come to an early end because of his temper and foolhardy ways. Luschan’s older son while intelligent, diligent, and thoughtful has always been of poor health. I know that many of you relish the thought of making a move on the ducal chair, but there is an obstacle to any of our advancement. Milan M’bese is illegitimate, but the Duke has given him legal standing if his male heirs are deceased. Legal standing means that the bastard has a greater chance at sitting in the ducal chair than any of you. I personally don’t like that option.

Milan M'Bese Rhola

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