Mathen Drunavond

Old dwarven friend of Mizraith who happens to want to convert everyone to Moradin's faith


Dwarf Cleric

Level 1
Lawful Good

AC 3 / HP 10

STR 18
INT 11
WIS 18
DEX 12
CON 16
CHA 11 (12)


Hammer, melee, THAC10 10 ( +1 TH)
Staff, melee THAC10 10 ( +1 TH)


L1: Bless, Command, Light (each can be exchanged for Cure Light Wounds)


Mathen is an old friend of Mizraith’s, going back several decades. They met, in fact, shortly after Theresa and [then] Simon moved to Overlook Farm. Mathen lived in Hommlet, trying to establish a congregation to follow Moradin. Being a largely human village, he had little luck making converts. Nevertheless, while Mathen lived in Hommlet, he and Simon became good friends, and Mathen always looked up to Simon for his ability to take things in stride, where Mathen always seemed to find the hardest possible road, and not the road he wanted.

Recently, Simon/Mizraith sent word to his friend that things had “changed dramatically” in his life, and would Mathen be interested in accompanying him for a while handling some local troublemakers? Having somewhat tired of the lack of challenge in finding devotees of Moradin back home in the Kron Hills, Mathen was quick to beat a path to Hommlet’s quiet farmstead.

Mathen Drunavond

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