Extremely tall, gawky young man with tremendous insight into people.


Lodris, Cleric of St. Cuthbert
Lawful Neutral Human Male
Age: 22 Height: 6’ 11" Weight: 177lbs.

S: 14 (0/0) WA: 200cn OD: 1-2 BB/LG: 7%
I: 11 Lang: 2
W: 18 Save Bonus: 4
D: 16 React/Att: 1 Def: -2
C: 13 HP Bonus: 0 SS: 85% Res: 90%
Ch: 10/14 Loyalty: – React: -

HP: 5 AC: 8 (Leather armor + shield); mace, staff

Saves: PPD: 10 PP: 13 RSW: 14 BW: 16 Spell: 15

1) Prime Attribute: Wisdom (10% xp for 15)
2) HD: d8
3) Cannot use edged weapons
4) Wear any armor and use any shield
5) Spells granted by deity, bonus spells for a high Wisdom
6) Turn(good) or command(evil) undead, demons, and devils
7) Weapon/Nonweapon proficiency slots: 2/3
8) Bonus spells: 2 first level, 2 second level, 1 third level, 1 fourth level


Although affable, Lodris tends to have a rather ridged view of the world that nicely compliments his faith. He always obeys the law as he understands it and never breaks his word. A native of the fishing village of Nulb (Background: Hunter/fisher), Lodri’s family (Mother and a younger sister) now reside in Homlet. He has returned after some time doing mission work in the Kron Hills and is answerable to the Church of St. Cuthbert while in town.


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