Checki the Fist

Hansome and funny with a suprisingly cynical view fo the world


Neutral Halfling Male
Age 52 Height: 3’ Weight: 62 lbs.


S: 9 (0/0) WA: 0cn OD: 1-2 BB/LG: 1%
I: 16 Lang: 5
W: 10 Save Bonus: 0
D: 16 React/Att: 1 Def: -2
C: 12 HP Bonus: 0 SS: 80% Res: 85%
Ch: 16/12 React: +25%

HP: 7 AC: 8 (none); short sword, dagger, short bow (12 arrows)

Saves: PPD: 13 PP: 12 RSW: 14 BW: 16 Spell: 15

1) Save Bonus versus magic wands, staves, rods, spells, and poison (+1 per 3 1/2 points of Constitution)
2) Speak Halfling, dwarven, elven, gnome, orcish, common, and their alignment tongue, plus 1 additional language per Intelligence point above 16
3) Infravision: Stoutish blood – 60’
4) Detect grade or slope in passage, upwards or downwards – 1-3 on d4(75%)( Stoutish blood)
5) Determine Direction – 1-2 on d4(50%)(mixed or Stoutish blood ONLY)
6) Improved surprise chance when alone and not wearing metal armor, 1-4 on d6 (66 2/3%), chance drops to 1-2 on d6(33 1/3%) if a portal must be opened

Secondary Skill: No skill of measurable worth

Class Info: Fighter:
1) Prime Attribute: Strength (10% for 15)
2) HD: 1d10
3) Use any weapon, armor, or shield
4) Weapon/Nonweapon proficiency slots: 4/2

1) Prime Attribute: Dexterity (10% xp for 15)
2) HD: d6
3) Leather, studded leather, padded, or elfin chain armor, cannot use shields, can use clubs, daggers, short swords, long swords, broad swords, darts, and slings
4) Primary functions: pick pockets, open locks, find/remove traps, move silently, hide in shadows (see PHB, pg.28 for %)
5) Secondary functions: listen at doors, climb walls, and back stab (+4 to hit, X2 damage or more, see PHB, pg. 27)
6) Thieves’ Cant – special thief language known to all thieves
7) 4th level – learn to read all languages (see PHB pg. 28 for %)
8) 10th level – learn to read magic scrolls (not divine scrolls)

PP: 35% OL: 35% FRT: 25% MS: 25% HS: 25% HN: 15% CW: 70% RL: -5%


Returning to the Kron Hills from a tour of Verbebonc, Greyhawk, and ‘other places of note,’ Checki has had a number of brushes with the law there and has decided to “cool it” for the time being. Checki is fun company and is usually the life of the party at any social event. He had a nasty incident with slavers active along the wild coast and is always looking for a chance to get even.

Checki the Fist

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